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Sunday Worship


Sunday worship now happens in Juryís Inn. http://www.jurys-birmingham-hotels.com/

At B1 we enjoy worshipping in a variety of styles. Youíll find all sorts of influences. Thatís deliberate, because we believe in drawing on the best of the old and new as we seek to be creative in the way we respond to God. We try and ground our worship so that itís an expression of our culture. For too many people church is disconnected from their normal cultural experience. If you try us out, you may find yourself listening to ambient, dance or rock music, as well as classical or sacred. Video and visual imagery augment spoken communication. Discussion might take place after talks. Thereís sharing of story and symbolic prayer. At times we try and build choice into our services. Across the month weíre sometimes experimental, sometimes reflective and sacramental, and at other times more celebratory. The children have their own separate groups which they really enjoy.

Our services are all at 3.30pm in some of the function rooms in Juryís Inn ( during the winter months) Tea and coffee is served beforehand. We donít meet the third Sunday of each month, because we believe itís important to create space for family and friends. The 5th Sunday of each month we meet in small groups for worship or in homes.



03/09/2006. 11.00am Jury's Inn


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